Rutgers University has an accomplished and active group of researchers in the area of theoretical computer science. Specific research interests include the design and analysis of algorithms, algorithms for massive data, combinatorial optimization, complexity theory, machine learning, computational biology, algebraic methods, discrete math, graph theory, and computational geometry. Many members of the group are also associated with Rutgers’ Department of Mathematics, the Rutgers Center for Operations Research (RUTCOR), and the Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS).

Recent News

Feb 2023 Prof. Sepehr Assadi is selected as a Alfred P Sloan Fellow.
Jan 2023 Prof. Peng Zhang receives an NSF CAREER Award for her project titled “CAREER: Fine-Grained Complexity and Algorithms for Structured Linear Equations and Linear Programs.”
Oct 2022 Prof. Sepehr Assadi gives a keynote talk at DISC 2022.
Sep 2022 Prof. Aaron Bernstein receives the Best Paper Award at FOCS 2022 for his paper “Negative-Weight Single-Source Shortest Paths in Near-Linear Time” with Danupon Nanongkai and Christian Wulff-Nilsen.
Jul 2022 Prof. Martin Farach-Colton is promoted to a Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at Rutgers.
Jan 2022 Prof. Martin Farach-Colton is named an ACM fellow for “contributions to data structures for biocomputing and big data.”
Jan 2022 Prof. Mario Szegedy receives a 2021 FOCS Test of Time Award for his 1991 paper “Approximating Clique is Almost NP-Complete.”
Oct 2021 Prof. David Pennock is serving as the General Chair for EC 2022.
Mar 2021 Prof. Martin Farach-Colton is named a SIAM fellow for “contributions to the design and analysis of algorithms and their use in storage systems and computational biology.”
Mar 2021 Prof. Sepehr Assadi receives an NSF CAREER Award for his project titled “CAREER: Graph Streaming, Communication Games, and the Quest for Optimal Algorithms.”
Sep 2021 Prof. Eric Allender gives a keynote talk at LATA 2021.
Jul 2021 Prof. Eric Allender gives the invited talk at CCC 2021.

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